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Latest Lessons

Vayishlach: A Mother’s Dedication


Yaakov asked his son Yosef to inter him in the Cave of Machpelah. He took the opportunity to explain why he buried his mother on the road near Beit Lechem instead of bringing her to the Cave of Machpelah - so that the children of Israel on their way into exile would pray at her gravesite and ask her to intercede on their behalf. But why should Yosef come to terms with his mother’s loneliness? How...

Vayeshev: Faith vs. Initiative


Yosef was sent to prison where he met Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker. He asked for their assistance in securing his release, and in response, Hashem punished him with two more years of imprisonment. Yet those two ministers were instrumental -- by Hashem’s design -- in Yosef’s ultimate release. How does this make sense?

Vayigash: Should We Truly Love Everyone?


Yosef is remembered for his goodheartedness. He supported his entire family during the famine. But he also supported the entire Egypt, the most decadent civilization of the time, and even supported their priests, the greatest symbol of their impurity. Who taught him to act that way? Do we indeed respect and love those who represent the greatest sins and impurities? Should we reject them, or...

Vayechi: Sibling Rivalry


Yosef brings his two sons, Menashe and Efraim, to be blessed by Yaakov before his demise. Yaakov surprises them by putting his right hand on Efraim, the younger son, and his left hand on Menashe, the older one. Yosef jumps in to correct the mistake. But what exactly bothered Yosef? What was so wrong about Yaakov’s choice?
A lesson about sibling rivalry and honoring parents.